Windsurfing in Sardinia: what are the best destinations north and south of the island, courses and who to do them with

Windsurfing in Sardinia is one of the most popular sports among tourists who love to frequent the Sardinian beaches, seeking the Mistral wind that blows along every stretch of the island's coast, from north to south.

There are numerous ideal locations to practice this sport, starting with windsurfing in Porto Pollo near Palau, Poetto in Cagliari, and the beautiful beach of Chia.

Each destination has its own unique characteristics regarding the prevailing wind and sea conditions, making it perfect for most of the year.

The beaches all around the island are exposed to the four cardinal points, and depending on the wind, windsurfing enthusiasts know where to go to find the highest waves or the strongest winds to race on the flat sea, protected from onshore winds.

Windsurf camps, spots, schools, and courses in Sardinia

Among the most popular spots for windsurfers in Sardinia, Porto Pollo on the northwestern coast and Poetto Beach in Cagliari on the southern coast deserve a mention.

Porto Pollo is also home to one of the most famous windsurf camps in Sardinia, attracting Italian and international athletes every year during the low and high seasons.

These two locations have always been at the center of national and international windsurfing competitions since the 1980s, as well as surfing.

The beach of Chia, also on the southern coast of Sardinia, has attracted entire generations of windsurfing enthusiasts over the years, thanks to the spectacular beauty of its white sand dunes, which make this already beloved spot even more unique. It is known for its strong winds, mainly the Mistral and the Scirocco.

This dream-like scenario can be found in many other corners of the island, where fortunately, unspoiled nature still reigns and the sea is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.


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