Recommended trekking routes in Sardinia and guided hikes

Trekking enthusiasts who spend their holidays in Sardinia are well aware that they can count on an infinite number of itineraries, all characterized by fantastic views and unforgettable routes.
With its coastline dotted with dreamy beaches, and an always clear sea and one of the most beautiful in Italy, Sardinia offers the best guided excursions and ideas for spending whole days immersed in the most lush nature.
Those who have already had the chance to go trekking in Sardinia already know what we are talking about: there is perhaps no destination richer in trails, walks and climbing (find out where to climb in Sardinia to learn about its ancient rocks!) , and able to give as authentic emotions as the island.
Nature has given Sardinia a morphological variety of terrain, made up of hills, mountains, plateaus and plains that have millennial origins and maintain their beauty unchanged.
A wild island that you can go far and wide along the coasts or inland, walking and climbing along the slopes, sometimes even difficult to cover, armed only with will, passion and simple trekking equipment.

Where to go trekking in Sardinia?

If you love trekking, then you can't miss out on guided excursions in Barbagia, Supramonte or Ogliastra.
Here you will find an abundance of ascents and descents, between the lush vegetation characteristic of the Mediterranean scrub and the tall rock formations.
Those who prefer the most demanding routes can go even further into central Sardinia, and face one of the most sought-after and spectacular destinations: the Gorroppu canyon.
It is a descent down a valley, surrounded by rocky walls more than 500 meters high, and populated by many native and often unique wild animal species.
An excursion to the Gorroppu Canyon, like other demanding treks in Sardinia, must be approached with judgment, due to the difficulty of the routes that can lead to getting lost.
For this reason, it will be useful to rely on guided excursions, which, moreover, abound on all the trekking itineraries in Sardinia, and to face the excursion in complete safety.


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