Surfing in Sardinia: the best places to surf in northern and southern Sardinia

 Ride the waves with surfing in Sardinia...

Where to surf in Sardinia? And when? Below you will find the contacts of the best surf schools and beginner courses, as well as other useful information, such as the climate of the island.

Have you ever thought about surfing in Sardinia? Imagine a place where you can glide on surfboards on waves up to three meters high for over 200 days a year. And imagine that this place is easily accessible with just a few hours' flight from any Italian city.

Imagine a sea with ever-changing colors, from emerald green to cobalt blue, and a dazzling sun that heats up the sand on which you roll after a series of rides.

This wonderful place, where you can surf all year round, exists, and it's closer than you think.

This place is called Sardinia.

Surf courses and schools in Sardinia for beginners and experts

Are you ready to find out where to surf in Sardinia and when? Are you ready to book your vacation and a fantastic course at a surf school in Sardinia, either in the North or the South? If you are fortunate enough to have already surfed in Sardinia, you already know how engaging an experience like this can be.

In addition to the beauty of the waves, the beaches, and the untouched nature surrounding you, you will always carry with you the richness and simplicity of a place that is wild at times.

For those who have not yet had this experience, we suggest some fantastic places for surfing in Sardinia.

The most well-known spot is undoubtedly Capo Mannu on the western coast of the island.

A destination for numerous national and international surfing events, Capo Mannu Beach in the province of Oristano is one of the spots where wind and wave conditions are most favorable for surfing in Sardinia.

Autumn and spring, in particular, are the best seasons due to the frequent Mistral winds. The waves can reach heights of up to three meters or more.

Other places to surf in Sardinia are located along the entire western coast, from north to south.

Among these spots, the most famous and equipped with surf schools are Porto Ferro in the territory of Alghero, Buggerru and Piscinas along the western slope, and when the winds blow from the Scirocco or Libeccio directions, Chia and Poetto Beach in Cagliari along the southern coast.


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