Kitesurfing in Sardinia: where to practice it.

Are you a kitesurfing enthusiast planning a vacation in Sardinia? Discover the best spots for kitesurfing in Sardinia, where to practice it, when, and the contacts of schools and kite courses from North to South.

For many years now, the island has been a summer gathering place for surfers, judging by the large number of athletes who love to come and kitesurf in Sardinia.
Non a caso, Cagliari è ormai da alcuni anni una tappa del Campionato Mondiale di kitefoil, una specialità di kitesurf in cui si vola letteralmente sulle lame affilate delle tavole.

It's no wonder that Sardinia has so many fans of this sport, attracted not only by the beauty of the crystal-clear sea, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, but above all by the constant presence of winds that, on the luckiest days (and there are many throughout the season), propel kitesurfers to maximum speeds.

One could say that every beach in Sardinia is great for a kitesurfing session, but some locations offer ideal conditions more than others. That's why schools and kite courses are concentrated from North to South.

The prevailing wind in the entire island is the Maestrale, but there are also days of Scirocco and Levante. So if the wind is not right on certain beaches, simply move to nearby ones and find the ideal conditions.

The all-time best spots for kitesurfing in Sardinia.

The shallow seabeds, the presence of strong winds, and the formation of waves measuring one meter or more have made certain beaches the favorite meeting places for kitesurfing enthusiasts.

This is the case of Poetto Beach in the Gulf of the Angels, which offers both wave jumps with Scirocco winds and a flat-as-a-board sea on Maestrale days – the perfect conditions for reaching top speeds and putting your equipment, as well as your physical abilities, to the test.

Chia Beach is another favorite spot for kitesurfing lovers: the white dunes of fine sand make it one of the trendiest gathering places on the entire southern coast of Sardinia.

Other noteworthy locations include Capo Mannu near Oristano and the famous Isola dei Gabbiani in Porto Pollo near Palau – a preferred destination for enthusiasts who know exactly where and when to surf in Sardinia. This area has also been popular for windsurfing since the '80s, as well as sailing and kitesurfing, thanks to the beach's dual exposure, ideal for both Maestrale and Scirocco-dominated days.

Schools and kite courses in Northern and Southern Sardinia, in the best beaches of the island:


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