Climbing in Sardinia

Climbing lovers, do you know the most beautiful climbing walls in Sardinia? The easiest and the most difficult? Are you looking for professional climbing schools, courses or instructors?

We're here to help.

Sardinia is known to everyone for the beauty of its sea, and for the wonderful beaches bathed by waters of many colors, ranging from crystal blue to cobalt blue.

Ma la Sardegna è fatta anche di rocce antichissime, granitiche o calcaree, che si ergono maestose nell’entroterra, o che si tuffano a strapiombo nel mare. Sono quasi sempre avvolte dallo spettacolo di una natura selvaggia che ne lambisce le pendici con la più incontaminata macchia mediterranea.

There is also a Sardinia worth climbing, both for fans of alpine-style climbing and for those who prefer to practice sport climbing.

If you are looking for a spiked road that gives you breathtaking views, climbing in Sardinia is for you.

Climbing courses in Sardinia and schools

Routes and itineraries abound in every area of the island, from the high cliffs of Capo Caccia or Cala Gonone, overlooking the sea, to the walls of the Sardinian inland areas.

A great idea is to climb in Supramonte in the first place, but also Jerzu, Isili, Dorgali and practice sport climbing in Lula Monte Albo. l’arrampicata sportiva a Lula Monte Albo.

Climbers who choose to climb in Sardinia can now choose between more than a few thousand equipped shots and on many routes traced on walls even more than 600 meters high.

Climbing in Sardinia is accessible to all enthusiasts, both beginners and the more experienced, and the mild climate for most of the year allows you to practice climbing in Sardinia in all seasons.

If you then choose summer to go climbing in Sardinia, you can enjoy on the same day the same beaches, often not very popular, with which you will have filled your eyes during the climb.

This is the case, for example, of the beaches of Masua, or Scivu, and many others along the southern coast of the island, and more, which offer spectacular views when viewed from the top of a climb and some of the most beautiful seas in Italy in which to dive and recover your strength.


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