What are the most beautiful cycling routes in Sardinia?
Enjoying biking in Sardinia, with a climate that allows for outings practically all year round. Sardinia offers such a variety of landscapes that it is an understatement to talk only about the beaches and the crystal-clear sea, although they are wonderful.

The inland areas still preserve an unspoiled nature, made up of Mediterranean scrub, forests, hills, and mountains.
Just veering off the main roads allows you to immerse yourself in the colors of a world made of vegetation and millennia-old rocks, in the magical silence of a land that is often wild and offers an always fascinating spectacle at every turn.

Those who love thrills and contact with nature cannot help but be conquered by a bike excursion along the many panoramic roads that run along the coasts of the entire island, or through the trails and dirt roads scattered everywhere.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to encounter a multitude of tourists with bikes in tow along the roads of Sardinia.
They are enthusiasts of every cycling category, from mountain biking to road cycling, who know they can explore Sardinia far and wide on two wheels.


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