Best equestrian centers in North and South Sardinia

Horseback riding enthusiasts know that no destination can match Sardinia. There are numerous equestrian centers and riding schools throughout the island, offering unforgettable horseback riding vacations. It's no wonder that a few years ago, Sardinia was chosen by the British Telegraph as the ideal destination for equestrian tourism in Italy. And it's well-known that the British truly appreciate horses. The richness of Sardinia's ancient tradition, which has always used horses as a means of transportation and work, is still evident in many equestrian events. Consider the Sartiglia in Oristano or the Cavalcata di Sedilo: these are just two examples of the equestrian events that renew Sardinia's equestrian tradition every year, representing the perfect union between man and horse. It's not surprising, therefore, that such a rich tradition has led to the establishment of a large number of riding schools and equestrian centers, well-distributed throughout Sardinia.

 Equestrian centers in Sardinia:


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