Farmhouses in Sardinia

What are the best farmhouses to eat in Northern and Southern Sardinia? 

The experience of staying in a farm stay in Sardinia is certainly not to be missed. Choosing where to eat typical Sardinian food is sometimes not easy, given the large number of farm stays throughout the island.

Whether you are looking for the best farmhouses near Olbia, Sassari, Nuoro, Cagliari, or Alghero, there is no need to worry. At the bottom of this page, you will find a list of the best farm stays in Sardinia.

A traditional cuisine made up of dishes passed down from generation to generation, even within the same farmhouses, is a typical Sardinian tradition that allows us to taste dishes made according to the recipes of the past.

And it is precisely in the best farmhouses in Sardinia, scattered from North to South, that you can find the most original dishes, sometimes surprising for their simplicity or the use of unusual ingredients.

There is no town or small village in Sardinia that does not have its own characteristic dish, perhaps similar to that of other places but still unique due to different preparation or the use of local raw materials.

The diversity of traditional Sardinian cuisine is also an added value, something that adds the pleasure of discovery to every meal consumed in a different area of the island.

That is why we recommend visiting the best farmhouses in Northern and Southern Sardinia: the typical flavors of the island blend and renew themselves on every occasion, and the farm stays are now, in a way, the custodians of the island's gastronomic tradition.

It is worth mentioning that even today, there are a thousand different types of Sardinian bread being produced, mostly baked in traditional wood-fired ovens found in many homes in small and large towns.


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