Halfway between Alghero and Oristano lies the town of Bosa, where man already lived 6000 thousand years ago. Included in the list of the borghi più belli d’Italia (the most beautiful villages in Italy), it lies between sea and river and for centuries was a stronghold against Arab incursions.

The defensive towers outside the town, such as the Argentina Tower and the magnificent Serravalle Castle date back to the struggle against the Saracens. This was built in 1200 along with the walls on a hill, which can be reached on foot from the town centre. 

Bosa is renowned for its churches, which tell of the various eras it has passed through. Among these is the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate from 1500, in Catalan Gothic style, which has a red stone façade. Inside there is a crucifix with a finely inlaid Gothic Christ.

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