Tepilora, Sant'Anna e Rio Posada Regional Park

UNESCO recognized the regional park of Tepilora, Sant’Anna and Rio Posada as “biosphere reserve” only 3 years after the foundation in 2014. The successful reforestation program offers the excursionists a chance to admire the immense cliffs of granite and limestone, from which crystalline water wells and forests are encircled.

Molentargius Saline Natural Park
The most important park in the whole Mediterranean Sea for the flamingo nesting is the Molentargius pond. Several species of protected animals live together in the moisture among multifaceted habitats and the industrial ruins of the old saline, the City of Salt. After 1985 the site was redeveloped in order to become the ecological masterpiece Molentargius is today.
Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu National Park

Password: wonder! Manifold landscapes, highest peaks and dizzying abysses form the face of the national park between Golfo Orosei and the Gennargentu mountain. This palette of centuries-old woods and pastures is a chest of natural wonders. Created in 1998, the park expands itself through 27 different towns.

Asinara National Park

From maximum security prison to safety net for species elsewhere extinct, thanks to its savage beauty the isle of Asinara ceases not to amaze. This harsh rock-tongue would be better traveled by off-road vehicles than by foot! Transformed in National Park from 1997, the more adventurous could even meet the gorgeous asinello bianco (white donkey), from which the isle gets the name.

La Maddalena Archipelago National Park

Established in 1996, the national park La Maddalena is only definable as a feast of colors, animals and vegetation. In a protected habitat are warded dolphins and turtles, junipers and myrtles. The crystalline sea and immense granite cliffs, orange and pink, cuddle the most different species of waterfowl - that you won’t find elsewhere.

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