Perda ‘e Liana

cosa fare in Sardegna - bellezze naturali
Perda 'e Liana is a rock (1280 m high) that originated 150 million years ago at the bottom of the sea. This, together with atmospheric phenomena, gave it a pointed shape. Located in the Gennargentu massif in the centre-west of Sardinia, it can be seen from many parts of the island, of which it has become a symbol. It is worth noting that it was chosen for the cover of the latest issue of the very famous comic strip Tex, whose author was Sardinian and used the island's landscapes as inspiration for his stories.

The area is perfect for hiking and enjoying nature. Despite the felling of trees and recent fires, there is still plenty of flora and fauna, from wild boar to eagles to herbs such as thyme and rosemary. A place of Nuragic shepherds, in popular folklore it has become the gateway to the underworld.

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