Monumental Olive Tree - S'Ozastru de Santu Baltolu

The oldest olive tree in Sardinia, as well as a monumental olive tree, resides in Luras, in the province of Olbia. It is known as "The Patriarch of Nature" or, more simply, "S'Ozzastru" (the wild olive).

It is believed to be among the oldest living beings on the island, with the tree estimated to be around 4000 years old. This means it must have been born around the 2nd century BC and witnessed the rise and fall of the pre-Nuragic civilizations with their mysterious "domus de janas," as well as the Nuragic civilizations that built the nuraghi and giants' tombs, the Phoenicians, Romans, and all the generations of men and women who have inhabited the island until today. In other words, its immense longevity makes The Patriarch the oldest living witness of the entire history of Sardinia.

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