Natural Monuments

Sardinia is a land with many faces, which are coloured by many new nuances to look at the island with. Sometimes we do not know where to start in order to go beyond the stereotypes one has of this land.

Certainly the coastline and the crystal clear sea have brought great tourism to it and this has allowed investment. With these there has been a greater popularisation of the beauty of this region.

Sardinian nature is incredible and offers very diverse landscapes, perfect for hiking and nature lovers. For example at Roccia dell'Orso in the north of Sardinia opposite the Maddalena Archipelago. It strikes with its bear-like shape and has captured the attention of travellers since ancient times, modelled almost artfully by the weather. Some scholars regard it as one of the possible stops of the Odyssey hero, Ulysses.

Thanks also to popular legends, one also gets the impression that some giant in the past shaped the Sardinian landscape. This is the case of Perda 'e Liana in the municipality of Gairo, a rock that looks like a tower pushed by the forces of the earth towards the sky.

A good 1,200 metres high, it was regarded as a meeting place for the peoples of the neighbouring areas on the occasions of the equinoxes and solstices. Its sinister shape later led it to be seen as the gateway to the underworld. Folk tales spoke of devils coming out to dance in the surrounding meadow in the moonlight.

Sardinian nature surprises us with places such as the Dunes of Piscinas, on the south-western coast of the island. Dunes extend many metres from the shoreline and are an oasis still untouched by the unbridled rhythms of reckless tourism. Here you can still see the Sardinian deer roaming in search of food among the lush flora that resists the sand.

The more you immerse yourself in the richness of the Sardinian territory, the more you discover places with stories to tell. Not only sea and sun, the island also boasts one of the oldest cultures in Europe, the Nuragic civilisation that is still cloaked in mystery.


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