San Pantaleo Cocathedral

The co-cathedral is consecrated to St. Pantaleus, a Christian martyr who was the doctor of Emperor Galerius: hence today the patron saint of physicians. It is a Romanesque-style church with Gothic parts made of sandstone, located near Cagliari in the south of the island.

Designs of animals, mythological characters and geometric shapes give the walls much liveliness. In particular, the facade is carved with a sarcophagus supporting two pointed arches: on top of it there is a serpent reminiscent of the myth of Asclepius, god of medicine.

The interior is filled with carvings, such as those of the nativity on the capitals, that were meant to tell biblical stories to those who could not read. With the sea just a stone's throw away, this is a great destination to combine relaxation with art.

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