Immacolata Concezione Cathedral

If you walk through the narrow streets of Bosa, along the central-west coast of the island, you will be surprised by the imposing Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Started in the 1200s, its completion ended in the 1800s because of its location near the Temo River, which often seeped in and damaged its foundations.

The delay in construction will take you on a journey through time with the architecture's mix of styles: the two Gothic domes covered in majolica or the unfinished Romanesque bell tower in red sandstone; inside, the Baroque marble altar surrounded by statues of Bosa's patron saints, Aemilius and Priam. 

Visiting this church will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the very rich cultural heritage of Bosa, which has nothing to envy to more famous destinations such as Alghero or Cagliari.

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