Basilica of St. Gavinus

An atmosphere of legend and great deeds surrounds the Basilica of St. Gavinus in Porto Torres, where 3 martyrs - Gavinus, Proto and Januarius - victims of Diocletian's persecutions of Christians in the 4th century - rest.

This early Christian-style church from the 1200s, the largest in Sardinia, is located on Mount Angellu on the remains of an ancient necropolis. The basilica continued to give rest to the dead in the crypt, whose entrance is guarded by the gazes of marble statues in the arches of the anti-cripta.

At only 1 km from the port, this church is a pleasant stop, that shows you religious architecture without frills and decoration, to the point that it does not even have a facade and you enter it from the sides. An architecture without the glitz typical of future churches.

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