Nuraghe La Prisgiona

The Nuraghe La Prisgiona, occupied between the 14th and 9th centuries B.C., is located in Arzachena, northern Sardinia. The main structure is tholos-shaped, semi-domed, surrounded by a village of about a hundred huts.

The nuraghe consists of a central tower accompanied by two side towers. In the central courtyard, there is also a 7-metre well, which is still functional today. An interesting feature is the layout of the huts in the village, separated by narrow streets much like in modern cities. This reveals an organised civilisation, dedicated to trade in the Mediterranean.

Nuraghe Santu Antine

The Santu Antine Nuraghe is located in the 'Valley of the Nuraghi', near the municipality of Torralba in north-central Sardinia. Nuragic complexes flourished in this area, of which 30 remain, together with 10 Tombs of the Giants. Also known as the 'king's house' for its grandeur, it consists of four towers, three set in a triangle and one in the centre that once measured 25 metres and dates back to 1600 BC.

It is considered the artistic and cultural pinnacle of the Nuragic period, thanks to building expertise that left nothing to chance. From the symmetry of the interior rooms to its orientation based on the path of the sun during the solstices, you will not regret visiting it all for only 8 euro.

Complesso nuragico di Palmavera

Raggiungibile comodamente a nord di Alghero, nel Parco di Porto Conte, giace il complesso nuragico di Palmavera. Il promontorio omonimo ospita un villaggio costruito in calcare e arenaria, risalente all’epoca nuragica.
Al centro dell’antico insediamento spiccano due torri, circondate da molte capanne. Sebbene fossero inizialmente quasi 200, oggi ne restano meno di 50.

Nuraghe Losa

The Losa Nuraghe is one of the best preserved in Sardinia and still retains its structure intact. Consisting of a tower and strong walls arranged to form an equilateral triangle, from certain perspectives it looks like the prow of a ship.

Situated in the centre-west of Sardinia, near the municipality of Abbasanta, it was inhabited since 1500 BC. The name comes from 'Nurache 'e Losas' (nuraghe of the tombs) because funerary urns from the Roman era were found there. Admission costs €6 and you can enjoy walks in the surrounding greenery on the way there. Attentive visitors may even discover a few surprises. Indeed, the forest has engulfed some ruins, testifying to how long ago the area was inhabited.

Nuraghe di Santa Cristina

The Nuraghe of Santa Cristina is an archaeological park which tells the story of two past civilisations of Sardinia. The Nuragic one has left us the astonishing Sacred Well of Santa Cristina, which is a testimony to the artistic skills of the Nuragic people. There are also remains of huts and a sacred enclosure, vestiges of the cult of water.

Then there is the Christian past, which has left us with a sacred complex that still hosts processions in honour of the saint. Saint Cristina is linked to the ancient devotion to water, having been martyred by drowning. For only €7, you can visit one of the most fascinating sites of the Sardinian past, in the municipality of Paulilatino in the province of Oristano.

Nuraghe Arrubiu

Located in the municipality of Orroli in south-central Sardinia, its name in Sardinian means 'red nuraghe' due to the iron present in its basaltic rocks. It is the largest nuraghe on the island with 21 towers and one of the largest protohistoric sites in the West. Dating back to 1500 B.C., it has remained in fairly good condition. The presence of pottery from the Peloponnesian War testifies to the political importance of this area. Included in the Mediterranean trade but quite far from the sea, it was sheltered from attacks from the water.

If you love trekking, you can enrich your visit to the nuraghe with an excursion to the two nearby lakes, Lake Flumendosa and Lake Mulargia, as well as many other naturalistic treats.

Su Nuraxi di Barumini



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