Domus de Janas Anghelu Ruju

Domus de Janas

We are bewitched by the Nuragic civilisation, which shows its magnificence through 38 Domus de Janas Anghelu Ruju as well as the mystery surrounding it. They are located in the Necropolis of the same name in Alghero, in the north-west of Sardinia.

Literally 'house of fairies' in Sardinian, these Domus are caves dug into the ground, forming intricate labyrinths. Their excellent condition demonstrates the craftsmanship that went into building them more than 3,000 years ago.

Designed as tombs, they were enriched with engravings of bulls’ heads or geometric figures of symbolic value that cannot be deciphered today. Ochre dust still remains on the walls, a trace of the propitiatory sacrifices to life in the realm of the dead.

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