Sacred Well of Santa Cristina

The Sacred Well of Santa Cristina is one of the most vivid testimonies of Sardinian archaeology. It is located in Paulilatino, in the province of Oristano (centre-west of the island). The structure dates back to the Nuragic period (around 1700-1000 BC).

The well was probably a sacred area for the veneration of water as a vital element for humans. Water is still present inside the well today. One enters the well through a staircase that widens as one descends, with the walls sloping inwards to form a triangular vault. 


The basalt stones, perfectly cut and set, are aligned in such a way that the lower one protrudes one centimetre, creating the beautiful architectural effect of a stepped vault. You can also visit the rest of the archaeological park with numerous Nuragic structures and even a complex from the Christian era.

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