Pranu Muttedu Archaeological Park

Located near the municipality of Goni in the hinterland of southern Sardinia, the Pranu Muttedu Archaeological Park is sometimes called the 'Sardinian Stonehenge'. This is owing to the numerous megalithic structures housed within it (including 600 menhirs). It was inhabited during the time of the Ozieri culture (3000-2000 B.C.), traces of which can be seen in Domus de Janas, a well-preserved Nuragic tomb. 

Inside is the nuraghe of Goni, on top of a beautiful 550-metre hill. From up here, you can see as far as Lake Mulargia. The park is surrounded by Mediterranean maquis and oak forests, which give it a wild and intriguing appearance. Admission to the park costs only €5 and it is open all year round.

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