Archaeological site of Nora

The archaeological site of Nora is located in the far south of Sardinia, near Cagliari. The site of an important city for the Romans, Carthaginians and Nuragic civilisations, it has now been abandoned and replaced by the neighbouring town of Pula. A few tophet (cemeteries for children) and traces of a temple in honour of the Carthaginian goddess Tanit, a fertility divinity, remain from the oldest period. A theatre in good condition and parts of the temple of Aesculapius (god of medicine) remain from the Roman period.

Not only archaeological, the area has a varied landscape and maritime offer as it is located on a peninsula. Here you will also find the Torre del Coltellazzo and the beautiful beach of Nora. Admission is cheap and for only 6 euros you can also take a guided tour of the archaeological area.  

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