Places to go

Natural Monuments

Marvel at the grandeur of nature with our natural monuments, such as enchanting caves and unique rock formations.

Dig into Sardinia's millennia-old past by exploring mysterious archaeological sites that tell ancient tales.

Embrace wild nature in our parks, where flora and fauna reveal their beauty in all its splendor.

Sardinian coastal lighthouses illuminate the nights and offer breathtaking views of the coast.

Enter the heart of Sardinian history and culture in our museums, guardians of millennia-old treasures and traditions.

Admire sacred art and spirituality in our centuries-old churches, rich in history, mystery, and beauty.

Experience the vibrancy of Sardinia's fascinating cities, places of culture, gastronomy, and enchanting nightlife.

Get lost in the alleys of charming villages, witnesses to ancient Sardinian culture and its unique hospitality.

Explore the crystal-clear waters and unique biodiversity of our marine protected areas, a paradise for sea lovers.

Relax on Sardinia's golden beaches, where crystal-clear waters meet fine sand.

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