What to do in Sardinia

State pianificando il vostro viaggio e vi chiedete cosa fare in Sardegna?

I'll try to give you some ideas.

What to do in Sardinia if you love history

As you may already know (if you've read here), Sardinia is one of the first emerged lands in Europe (the first in Italy), so it's almost certain that you'll find numerous traces of ancient times, with several aree archeologicheimportant archaeological areas such as Tharros in the Sinis Peninsula, among others. https://www.greatsardinia.com/en/places-to-visit/archaelogical-sites/archaeological-site/archaeological-site-of-tharros/

cosa fare in Sardegna - Tharros

Not only that, but the presence of countless nuraghi , which testify to the Nuragic civilization in Sardinia dating back to 1900 to 730 BC. It's truly a unique feeling when we can see up close, and even touch, artifacts that are thousands and thousands of years old.

cosa fare in Sardegna - nuraghe_losa_sardegna

What about the Giants' Tombs, which seem to have healing properties or at least calming powers for those who sit or lie down for a while?


What to do in Sardinia if you love nature

But perhaps you are nature lovers or city dwellers looking for open air. Well, in this case, I think Sardinia is the place for you. As soon as you land (by boat or plane), you will realize the different scent in the air, as if you were in another continent, but with the comfort of always being "at home," because nature in Sardinia surrounds you.

You can get lost among the countless natural landmarks such as the Gorroppu Gorge,the Piscinas Desert o i , or the "tacchi" of Ogliastra,which inspired the Tex Willer comic.

We all know that nothing recharges us more than direct contact with nature.

What to do in Sardinia if you love sports

If you are active people who can't leave your passions at home, you are free to engage in various sports, on water or land, practically all year round, such as SUPkitesurfWindsurfcanoa, fare trekkingarrampicatamountain bike, ecc e ecc.

Come potete anche più semplicemente preferire un’escursioneandare a cavallo, sul quad sulle dune…

But as we also need to nourish ourselves, you can enjoy traditional Sardinian cuisine, passed down through generations without being influenced by others, at various agriturismo (farm stays) scattered throughout the island. Being an island has its advantages. agriturismo sparsi nell’isola. Essere un’isola ha i suoi vantaggi.

The different Sardinian wineries will be happy to welcome you and let you taste their wines, which gather more and more awards year after year.

Then, between one thing and another, you can rest on one of the countless beaches for some healthy idleness, and then go around visiting museums and churches full of history, as well as participating in various traditional Sardinian festivals and fairs.

Here are some ideas to help you plan your trip to Sardinia.

Perhaps it seemed like two days were enough to get to know Sardinia, and now almost a week seems only enough to get started.

A good idea is to arrive in Olbia and depart from Cagliari (by both plane and boat), or vice versa, so you can have a broader idea of this region that will certainly stay in your heart.

You are welcome!

Ana Maria da Costa

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