borghi piu belli della sardegna

The most beautiful villages in Sardinia

I borghi più belli della Sardegna, dove trovarli?

Siete in coda a una gelateria del centro di Firenze con 50 persone davanti a voi. Fa caldo. Un cliente lecca soddisfatto il gelato che ha appena conquistato dopo 30 minuti di attesa. Allora iniziate a pensare. Perché siamo tutti qua? È possibile che sia questa l’unica gelateria buona? Allora cominciate a cercarne un’altra e scoprite posti deliziosi ma vuoti. Ecco, questo è il senso dell’associazione “I borghi più belli d’Italia”.

It was founded in 2001 with the aim of bringing to light the hidden beauties of Italian villages that tourists unfortunately ignored. Sardinia has a total of nine villages that have been included in the project: AtzaraBosaCarloforteCastelsardoLa MaddalenaLollovePosadaSadaliTempio Pausania.

The association wants to tell of the Italy's unique places, with a history and culture that deserve to be experienced and appreciated. This prevents the depopulation that affects villages that no longer offer hope to their inhabitants. When they leave, who is left to take care of them?

The most beautiful villages in Sardinia

There is a small village near Nuoro in Sardinia that tells this problem well, Lollove. Here, time has stood still, but the degradation of its streets and buildings has not. These are in very poor condition indeed and in 2022 it was put on the list to try to stop this situation.

The first inn was also opened in the village, to offer a taste of typical dishes to people who choose to visit it. This is also the only business in the village, which from now on will be able to offer a future to its inhabitants.

A similar fate befell Sadali, which had almost emptied out in the 20th century and is doing it again nowadays. Animated by many underground streams, it preserves one of the best-preserved windmills in Italy. The water flows create an amazing waterfall that makes anyone who sees it wonder why they had never heard of such a place before.

It is important to emphasise that the association 'I borghi più belli d'Italia' does not want to divert tides of people to these remote places, which would distort the spirit of the villages. Instead, the aim is to promote responsible tourism that can coexist with an ancient and fragile territory.

This is why the association's website and printed guide do not limit themselves to reporting interesting anecdotes or places to see in these villages. Instead, they create factsheets on the villages divided into various sections, including: the name and history, the genius loci (the spirit of the place), must-sees, local flavours.

The part on the “spirit of the place” is particularly interesting. It shows how this initiative gives villages the opportunity to tell their own identity and at the same time preserve it. In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, the association wants to unite the concept of tourism with that of love and care for local territories.

Clicca qui per vederli tutti insieme. i borghi più belli della Sardegna!

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