Turismo sostenibile Sardegna

Sustainable tourism: the primacy of Sardinia in Cinque Vele Award

Sustainable Tourism in Sardinia: The 6 Greenest and Environmentally Conscious Beaches

According to Legambiente, the greenest beaches in Italy are in Sardinia, where a new beach entrepreneurship has been experimenting for some time, focusing on the well-being of both bathers and coasts. Thus, in 2022, the region of Sardinia achieves the record for the highest number of five-sail seaside locations: Baronia di Posada, Santa Teresa Gallura, Baunei, Chia, Oristano, and Planargia confirm their excellence on the national scene and lead towards a new way of doing tourism—not mass tourism, but conscious and appreciative of the riches offered by the territory.

Five Sails Legambiente: The Guide to the Most Beautiful and Clean Sea

Sardinia's record for the highest number of green beaches is recognized by Legambiente and the Touring Club Italiano in their guide to the most sustainable beach resorts: six Sardinian locations receive five sails, the highest score. The criteria for assigning scores, ranging from one sail (sufficient) to five sails (excellence), are two:

  • Environmental characteristics of the seaside locations are analyzed, focusing on the state of the waters, seabeds, and beaches, which must be as pristine and far from degradation as possible.
  • The quality of hospitality and accommodation services is also considered. Examples include efficient waste management, accessibility to historical and natural sites, care for artistic assets, and the promotion of gastronomic and artisanal specialties.

Five Sails not only indicate respect for the environment but symbolize a healthy entrepreneurship in the beach world overall: it promotes a renewed awareness of the natural environments offered and values a way of tourism based on authenticity and inclusion. Sardinia's leadership, therefore, concerns not only a "beautiful and clean" sea but also innovation and conscious entrepreneurship.

The Eco-Sustainable Beaches of Sardinia

There are six seaside resorts that allow Sardinia to achieve the record for the highest number of green beaches. The awarded beach locations are environmentally conscious and committed to the protection of artistic and cultural heritage, inclusive, and respectful of diversities. Thanks to them, we learn the secrets of a new conscious beach entrepreneurship.

Baronia of Posada

Numerous eco-friendly initiatives are active in this region of Sardinia. Along the Baronia di Posada coast, there is a sustainable mobility service with efficient public transport that replaces the usual use of private cars, a significant reforestation project in the area, and the restoration of the ancient palace in the historic center.

Santa Teresa Gallura

It is no coincidence that there is no trace of intensive agriculture or industry near the Santa Teresa Gallura coast. Landscape protection is paramount: water and uncontaminated coastline are assets that are committed to preserving, minimizing human presence.

Baunei Coast

In the shadow of the Supramonte of Baunei, there are no houses, roads, or concrete that pollute or alter the natural coastal landscape. However, the area offers a large number of attractions and activities for those seeking a place to relax or an adventure in nature: in addition to the beautiful waters, the protecting Supramonte appeals to all hiking and trekking enthusiasts.

Chia Coast

Chia is also a destination for diving, trekking, and mountain biking enthusiasts, but not only that: its coastline is particularly attentive to diversity and environmental protection. Large accessible parking facilitates access to the coast even for bathers with disabilities, while birdwatching enthusiasts will find the Spartivento pond, a precious naturalistic oasis where various animal species thrive, including pink flamingos.

Oristano, Sinis peninsola and Maldiventre island

The Gulf of Oristano offers not only breathtaking landscapes and a "beautiful and clean" sea but also the Sinis Peninsula and the Maldiventre Island allow channeling love for nature into unique and engaging activities.

Planargia Coast

The wild landscape and crystal-clear waters of the Planargia coast are not the only elements that have determined its five sails. Noteworthy are the protection of historical and natural sites and the promotion of gastronomic specialties: a special protection area allows griffons to thrive in their natural habitat, while Bosa offers a tasty gastronomic itinerary with a sea flavor. These locations stand out for the conservation of historical and natural treasures and the promotion of local gastronomic delights. Noteworthy are four caves—Nereo Cave, Cervi Cave, Neptune's Cave, and Corona Niedda Cave—where diving enthusiasts can explore sunken shipwrecks and mysteries yet to be discovered.

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