Sardegna Blue Zone

Sardinia: the longest living land amongst the Blue Zones

The secret to living longer? It is revealed by the centenarians of Sardinia, the longest-living land in the world.

The blue zones indicate areas where life expectancy is higher than the rest of the world: these are places where, according to researchers, people tend to live longer, often surpassing the age of 100.

Sardinia is one of these, and not just any: among all the blue zones in the world, our island has the highest number of centenarians by far, thus achieving the record for the longest-living land in the world. Consider that in the province of Nuoro, especially in Perdasdefogu, Ogliastra, there is one person over 100 years old for every 222 inhabitants. But what is the secret to the longevity of this region?

The first secret to living longer: good habits

What unites the inhabitants of all the blue zones in the world, with no exceptions for Sardinia, is a healthy lifestyle that mainly follows two principles: staying fit and not abusing substances. One of the secrets of many Sardinian centenarians is never giving up on their daily walks, while the more athletic regularly engage in excursions and trekking in Barbagia. Self-care also involves what goes into one's body: eating in the right quantities, without overindulging, and giving up cigarette smoking.

The Sardinian-Mediterranean diet of Sardinian centenarians

However, the Sardinian-Mediterranean diet is the most precious secret guarded by the island's families. Sardinian eating habits are among the most balanced and healthy: the table still features simple foods such as bread, milk, cheese, vegetables, fruits, and nuts; there is a consumption of many fibers, little meat, and plenty of water. The quintessential dish is the "minestra‘e istadi," where all these foods combine in the right quantities, so much so that this recipe is often nicknamed the "Sardinian longevity minestrone."

The trick is always the same: do not give up anything and do not overdo it. Consider red wine: in Sardinia, it's a must-have, but it's always consumed in moderation.

Living peacefully is living long

We conclude this overview with an unsurprising note: to live longer, it is necessary to learn to manage stress, the enemy of health.

Sardinian centenarians talk about leading a calm and peaceful life, but far from carefree: the typical Sardinian lifestyle involves naturally mitigating stress levels through factors that counteract it by keeping the mind occupied elsewhere. Among these factors are active membership in a religious faith, strong family ties, and solid networks of mutual support.

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Sardegna Blue Zone

Sardinia: the longest living land amongst the Blue Zones

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