Gola Gorropu

Gola Gorropu: The 3 Most Exciting Routes Inside the Sardinian Canyon

Gola Gorropu, tra Barbagia e Ogliastra, nel Supramonte sardo, è uno degli scenari naturalistici
più affascinanti ed inebrianti del continente: una lunga gola rocciosa che si estende per
oltre un chilometro, raggiungendo profondità di circa 500 metri. È la Gola Gorropu,
conosciuta anche come il Grand Canyon d’Europa.

Within its inlets, often hidden from view, flows the Rio Flumineddu, the river that over the centuries has eroded its rocks, giving rise to underground galleries, springs, and small lakes that color the landscape and rejuvenate the local flora and fauna. Mouflons (a species of wild sheep with large curved horns), martens, dormice, wild boars, wildcats, foxes, and even golden eagles find their ideal habitat in Gola Gorropu, along with aquatic species (Sardinian newt and trout) and plant species (Aquilegia nuragica) that are found nowhere else in the world. Fossils of shells and sea urchins embedded in the rocks reveal the island's past.

Excursions and trekking routes inside Gola Gorropu

There are various hiking and trekking routes to choose from if you want to visit Gola Gorropu. Some of these are suitable only for experienced adventurers, while others have a level of difficulty accessible to everyone. Below are the 3 most exciting panoramic and scenic routes, explaining how to reach the Sardinian canyon and providing some valuable travel tips.

Beginner's route and visit to Gorropu Canyon

Il percorso più semplice e adatto anche ai meno esperti ha inizio a Campo Base
Gola Gorropu.

The first part of the route consists of a panoramic tour by off-road vehicle with an expert guide. Then, continue on foot along an easy 2.5 km trekking route to reach the vicinity of the canyon.

The visit to the site lasts one hour, and the return to Campo Base Gorropu is by off-road vehicle.

Intermediate route through vegetation, waters, and natural sinkholes

For a more immersive scenic route in direct contact with nature, it is recommended to start from Ghenna Silana.

The excursion takes longer: it begins with a two-hour trek through the oleander forests of Supramonte Ogliastrino. This leads to the canyon, where the visit lasts about an hour.

The return is equally suggestive: trekking resumes for another 2.5 km to cross the Rio Flumineddu. Once on the other side, an off-road vehicle will take you to the other excursion center in Supramonte, Campo Base Gorropu, from where you can admire a charming panorama.

The return to Ghenna Silana is by off-road vehicle.

Expert route, trekking in Supramonte and its gorges

Experienced hikers won't want to miss the most exciting and exhilarating route.

This also starts at Campo Base Gorropu, by off-road vehicle and with an expert guide. Then, proceed on foot for 3 km along a relaxing trekking route to discover the local flora, fauna, and culture.

The route becomes more challenging and, at the same time, thrilling: it enters directly into the Gorropu gorge (about 1500 meters long). The total length of the itinerary is 6.5 km with an elevation gain of about 400 meters.

The return to Campo Base Gorropu is by off-road vehicle.

How to reach Campo Base Gorropu and Passo Ghenna Silana

For those wishing to venture into the spectacular landscape surrounding Gola Gorropu, below are some useful information to reach the two starting points for excursions, by car and by bus.

The GPS coordinates for Campo Base Gorropu are 40° 11′ 51.0″ N - 9° 32′ 8.0″. If you wish to reach the camp by car, it is recommended to park in the free parking area along the state road 125 at km 190. If you prefer to reach the destination by bus, bus 521 is recommended.

The GPS coordinates for Passo Ghenna Silana are 40° 09′ 32.0″ N - 9° 30′ 29.0″. If traveling by car, it is also recommended to reach a parking area, one along state road 125 at km 183. If you want to reach the destination by bus, you can use either bus 303 or bus 521.

When to visit Gola Gorropu and other travel tips

Five practical tips if you plan to proceed with the excursion: 1. The best time to visit Gola Gorropu is in spring, alternatively the early summer or early autumn months are recommended;

2. Before heading to the site, make sure to have booked the excursion. Excursions usually involve groups of 4-5 people. 3. The visit to Gorropu Canyon costs €5 per person. 4. It is essential to bring hiking shoes, a backpack, and water. 5. Even for experienced hikers, it is always advisable to do the route with a local guide.

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