guidare in Sardegna

Driving in Sardinia

Per guidare in Sardegna, è importante sapere certe cose, come il fatto che non esistono autostrade, così non si paga pedagio.

At the same time, although the main roads are four-lane roads, they do not have an emergency lane. The speed limit is 90 km/h, with a few exceptions in the vicinity of Cagliari.

Like in the rest of Italy, it is mandatory to keep the headlights on during the day for safety reasons.

Certain roads have fixed speed control systems, and they are indicated. However, most of the time, the police conduct speed checks by positioning radars in different locations across the island for a few hours.

Guidare in Sardegna – attenzione!

The lands hosting animals near the roads are fenced, but it is always advisable to be cautious of possible animals on the roads. You may even encounter a flock of sheep on the asphalt as they move from one flock to another.

I limiti di velocità nei centri urbani è certamente inferiore e Olbia, per esempio, è tra le prime città in Italia ad adottare il limite di 30 km/h nel perimetro urbano. Altre città stanno adottando questo stesso limite entro i confini urbani.

Street parking is possible where indicated. Parking areas with white lines are free, while those with blue lines require payment. You can pay using parking meters or various parking payment apps (the specific apps vary depending on the location). The most popular parking apps are: Easypark and MooneyGo.

guidare in Sardegna

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