Did you now that in Sardinia there's a permanent far west scenario?

Si tratta di una borgata di origine medievale, formato da un centinaio di casette molto piccole, chiamata cumbessiasIt is a village of medieval origin, made up of about a hundred very small houses, called cumbessias, located around the church, and roads passable only on foot. The uninhabited aspect and its characteristics that suggest Mexican landscapes, has lent itself to several shots of Italian western films. This is San Salvatore di Sinis, and is inhabited only for one weekend of the year, when the faithful bring there the statue of the saint from the church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cabras, 9 km away, rigorously on foot. It is the Corsa degli Scalzi (Barefoot Run) and it takes place on the first weekend of September, because the saint is brought on Saturday and brought back to Cabras on Sunday.

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